Building on a Legacy

It is Galfab’s mission to produce equipment for the profitability of your company and to make your equipment purchasing the easiest and most pleasant you will ever experience.

Our mission is embedded in the company’s culture established more than a half-century ago by the Galbreath family’s tradition of innovation, hard work, and dedication to success. Today, this tradition is instilled in the work ethic of every Galfab welder, engineer, technician, and support staff – all seasoned veterans in the manufacturing of waste equipment.

Galfab was launched in 1992 by the Galbreath family. This is the original Galbreath family that had started and sold Galbreath, Inc., a world-renowned supplier of equipment to the garbage and scrap industry. Today, the Galfab brand continues to provide great service and products to existing customers, expand into new markets, work with customers of all sizes, and supply products to equipment dealers worldwide.


Galfab is known foremost for its Roll-Off Hoist — a piece of equipment designed to outperform any other roll-off hoist on the market today.

The company produces a line of roll-off hoists that is second to none in the industry. From the basic 20K single axle roll-off hoist consisting of an 8” mainframe and 2” subframe to the 10” sub frameless multi-axle 75K hoist, anything to fit your needs can be manufactured here.

Offering outboard supported side rollers and auto-folding rear bumpers as standard equipment are examples of Galfab’s dedication to the improvement of the equipment the industry uses.

Building on a Legacy

The Don Galbreath Legacy a Hall of Famer described as a “pioneer” in the industry.

Don is known nationally for inventing the “most user-friendly roll-off hoist in the industry”.

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