Don Galbreath

"Building on a Legacy"

Don Galbreath is credited with many innovations in the field of waste handling and transportation, including creating the most user-friendly roll-off hoist in the industry. In 2004, Don Galbreath was inducted into the Environmental Industries Association (EIA) Hall of Fame and described as a “pioneer” in the industry. In 2016, he was inducted as a Fellow into the Indiana Society of Innovators.


Humble Beginnings

Don joins his father in the family blacksmith business in Winamac, Indiana.

HH model

Don designs and manufacturers his first roll-off hoist for the Chicago market, known as a HH model.

Beginning Production

After 4 years of improving the modern day cable hoist, Don manufacturers his second roll-off hoist and begins production.


Don starts Galbreath and builds it into the leading hoist manufacturer.

Galbreath Sale

Don sells Galbreath


Galfab was started


Don is elected into the Waste Hall of Fame.

Innovation First

Don is elected into the Indiana Society of Innovators.

Building on a Legacy

Galfab rebrands and ads “Building on a Legacy” to their message to honor Don’s many accomplishments and contributions to the waste industry.