Galfab is a leading designer and manufacturer of equipment for the collection and transportation of solid waste and other materials in North America. Galfab Cable Roll-Off Hoists represent the legacy of founder Don Galbreath, widely recognized in the industry as the innovator of the roll-off hoist.

Patented Products

Galfab has three patented products (two owned and one licensed)

“The Hooker” Container Securement System (Licensed) “The Hooker” Container Securement System (Licensed) Air operated container securement device used in lieu of the ratchet tie-down system. Each hook (two per side) has a hold-down capacity of 40,000 lbs.
Above Frame Hoist Design Above Frame Hoist Design The Company has a commercially available hoist that provides a superior solution for cable-hoists mounted on a compressed natural gas (“CNG”) truck chassis. The location of CNG tanks has required hoist producers to rework their designs and Galfab believes that its CNG solution is superior to competitive offerings and will be a source of market share wins as more national fleets move towards CNG.
“Rock N’ Dumper” Self-Dumping Hopper “Rock N’ Dumper” Self-Dumping Hopper Advantages include a shaft that rides through a “V” shaped rocker guide which allows the body to ride on the base. The “Rock N’ Dumper” also has a latch handle that is designed to easily be switched from the right or left side of the hopper.