GF03 Mini

Stationary Compactor (Mini)

When space is limited, turn to the Galfab “MINI Series” stationary compactor – the packer that is designed to do BIG jobs in tight spaces such as trash and recycling rooms of office and residential high-rise buildings as well as apartments requiring chute-fed applications.

When you need a ground-level, manual feed compactor, the GF03 is also your solution! This space-saving power-packer provides more compaction pressure with its energy-saving 3HP motor than most competitors’ 5HP motor models. Also, you don’t need to bring inexpensive power because you can elect to run this powerful little compactor using 110-volt power and not sacrifice its packing ability which is just another winning feature.

Single Side Latch System whereby the container is easily detached from the compactor by simply raising a single handle, thereby saving both space and time.

Standard Features

  • 2 Cubic Yard Compactor
  • 6” x 2” x 1/4” Long Sills
  • Sealed Rear Door
  • Double End Pick Up
  • Double Articulating Hinge
  • 3” Channel Cross Sills
  • Solid Steel Nose Cones
  • 3/8” AR Plate Compactor Floor
  • 7 Ga. Floor and Sides
  • 10 Ga. Roof
  • 6 1/2” Ram Penetration

Optional Features

  • 6” x 2” x 3/8” Long Sills
  • Low Profile Compactor
  • Sliding Door Hinge
  • Roller Options
  • Power Unit

Build Quote


Item Description
WASTEC Rating .24 Cubic Yards
Mfrs. Rated .33 Cubic Yards
Cleartop Opening 22.5” x 28” x 24” Deep
Ram Penetration 6”
Cylinder Size 2 – 2.5” x 20”
Compactor Sides .31 Plate
Ram Top .38 Plate
Ram Face .38 Plate
Power Pack HP 3 HP 3 Phase (or) 1 P Single Phase
Norm. Force 15,500 lbs
Max. Force 17,500 lbs
Norm. Ram Face Pressure 31.3 PSI
Max. Ram Face Pressure 35.4 PSI

Standard Power Pack

Item Description
Hydraulic Pump 5 GPM 2-stage (3 HP) / 3 GPM 2-stage (1 HP)
Reservoir 13 Gallons
Fluid Northland Talamar Extreme ISO 30
Cylinders 5 GPM Hi-Lo with 200 Mesh
Screen Section Flter

Cycle Time

Item Description
Time 18 Seconds 3 HP / 29 Seconds 1 HP