The Galfab Heavy-Duty Outside Rail Hoist is great for severe service applications like hauling scrap, off-road or oil fields. This model has a 10″ mainframe and 75k capacity making it ideal for your heaviest loads.

The Galfab NEX Series hoist is capable of handling heavier loads (60,000 and 75,000 lb. capacity) and is great for scrap applications. NEX Series hoists feature a solid 10” mainframe, a low 48-degree dump angle, standard inside controls, and an extremely durable rear hinge.

The NOX model roll-off hoist is a heavy-duty hoist that reduces your lift angle for low clearance areas while still maintaining an auto-fold bumper. It has a short extendible tail with a 10″ mainframe.

Our Heavy Duty Inside/Outside Rail Hoist has the versatility to pick up inside and outside rail containers. The IO Hoist comes standard with inside rollers. This hoist has a Cor-Ten divider rail and inside rollers for the inside rail containers.