Galfab’s patented securement system, “The Hooker”, is the ultimate in container securement. “The Hooker” is simple and easy to install, and it uses the truck air system to operate.

Additional Hoist Options

Auxillary fold down stops Auxillary fold down stops Used for short containers. This can allow for better weight distribution for the chassis. More than one set can be used for containers of varying lengths.
Hydraulic Reservoirs Hydraulic Reservoirs Shown is a side mount 48 gallon oil reservoir. We also offer behind cab oil reservoirs.
Tool Boxes Tool Boxes Shown is a 48″ steel tool box. We also offer a 36″ and 24″ steel tool box as well as aluminum tool boxes.
Fenders Fenders Shown is a set of tri-axle poly fenders. We also offer tandem and quad axle poly fenders as well as flat steel, diamond plate and aluminum fenders.